Type: Writer/Performer
Style: Rap
Tools: Vocal
Latest Release:


  • Independent Film - "Border Brothers" by Hectic Films
  • 9 Albums and Mixtapes
  • Well over 15,000 Physical CDs Sold
  • Worldwide Digital Downloads & Sales


The youngster who was destined to grow into the 'King of the 2-1-0' or as he puts it, 'The Mouth Piece of the Nawf-East' and most certainly the hardest working Rapper/Entrepreneur/Businessman in San Antonio.

Nine albums and mix tapes (including the highly sought after 'Topic of Discussion' series)... independently selling well over 15,000 physical copies not to mention the success he has had from Internet sales worldwide on sites such as iTunes and Amazon. He recently featured heavily on The Polygrafic produced artist compilation album 'Dopamine' (No less than 13 of the 28 tracks were set ablaze by his delivery).

Recently released is the self titled album 'SoSanAntone' Produced by Polygrafic and Ace1 and another Mixtape entitled '5 On The Way' all set to drop before the much anticipated nextinstallment to the series 'Topic of Discussion V', Most recently he was hand picked to have his music added to the soundtrack of the Independent Feature Film, Border Brothers, which is coming soon from the California based Hectic Films.  

All of this on top of countless fashion and merchandising endeavors, hundreds of thousands of views of his videos on his YouTube channel, Sosanantonetv and quite possibly the biggest Retro Jordan collection in South Texas.  So San Antone is ready to take on whatever the next stage in his evolution may be.