Publishing Services

We are currently testing and will soon announce an additional service to artists to help search for and collect outstanding royalties owed to them. 

For Local, Independent or Self Published Artists

  • Did you know that a vast majority of local and unsigned artists have royalties due to them that are currently being collected and are waiting to be claimed?
  • Have you been releasing music and tracks over the years but only collecting on product sales and downloads?
  • Do you think you're music is "published" just because you're registered with ASCAP or BMI? WRONG! They are only one component of the Publishing umbrella. To do "publishing" right it takes a dedicated team.
  • Don't short change yourself by thinking you can handle both creating, performing AND handling the many requirements of publishing all by yourself.
  • Ideal for unsigned, independent or self published musicians

Outstanding Royalties Request Form

We are currently running search tests for outstanding publishing royalties. If you would like us to complete a search on your behalf please fill out this form.
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Contact Name
Name of songwriter or copyright holder to search for
Let us know if any other information you feel would help our search such as any alternate names, ISRC or UPC codes, etc.