ACE1 Productions

Genre: Hip Hop/Pop/R&B
Band Members: ACE 1, Tom Speedon
Hometown: San Antonio
Record Label: ACE 1 Productions
Current Location: San Antonio

We are a production company looking forward to working with a variety of Artists to bring exclusive new music.

ACE 1 has been doing music for several years. He started his professional production career about 10 years ago and took on music full time. In his time he has managed to deliver several dance remixes that hit radio across the nation; won a Latin Grammy for his work with "Intocable" on the "Diez" Album; toured the country with Frankie J from 2003-2006; had a chart topping number 18 song in the country called "Hypnotized" performed by Big Gemini in 2007; Developing internet sensation AJ Hernz; and had many original radio singles play regionally over the years.