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  • Marketing Manager - Responsible for implementation of marketing strategies and reporting regularly on the status of meeting marketing goals and projections.
  • A&R Representative - Responsible for scouting, recruitment and processing of Songwriters and Musicians that match company guidelines and requirements for the purpose of joining the G Media Music roster. Also responsible for correctly procuring songs and instrumentals from quality artists and producers for the purpose of pitching to active music licensing opportunities acquired by the company.
  • Social Media Manager - Assists with all tasks related to social media marketing and management. This position reports directly to the Operations Assistant and indirectly to G Media Management as well as the Executive Administrative Assistant.
  • Operations Assistant - Assists company management with all tasks related to maintaining business filings and operations as needed. This position works closely with and reports to G Media Management as well as the ManChuk LLC Executive Administrative Assistant.


  • Client Relations Manager - Maintain good repertoire and relations with existing licensing clients in the Film/TV industry such as music supervisors and production staff. Help foster new relationships with non-existing clients. This is a sales position that requires one-on-one interaction with the client. This position reports to the VP of Client Relations.
  • Agency Account Associate - Maintain good relations with current licensing agencies in order to meet their licensing needs while helping to foster relationships with new agencies. This is a sales position that requires constant interaction to remain knowledgeable of their current and future project requirements. This position reports to the Client Relations Manager.
  • Music Supervisor/A&R/Library Administrator - Supervise and maintain all aspects of the G Media Music Library including approval and data management of all submissions for inclusion as well as making sure all library content is properly listed, tagged and adequately described for optimal presentation.
  • Opportunity Dispatcher - Responsible for locating, maintaining and distributing music licensing opportunities to the G Media Music subscribers, followers and fans via social media, License Opportunity Alerts and timely distribution of the G Media Music weekly newsletter. This person works closely with the Library Administrator and Webmaster.


  • Artist Account Manager/A&R - Responsible for maintaining G Media Music Publishing artist relations and servicing the needs of your artist roster in the way of meeting contract requirements and serving as agent for new and profitable opportunities for their music. You are also tasked with the responsibility of finding new and unique artists for the G Media Music Publishing roster.
  • Accounts Administrator - Assists Account Managers with administrative functions associated with G Media Music Publishing artists. Duties include but are not limited to assisting with copyright preparation/submission and artist file maintenance and management.


  • Operations Manager - Handles the day to day operations for the business of ManChuk LLC. Includes identifying/addressing corporate requirements to maintain good standing in all areas; Federal, State and local. This position reports to the CEO/COO.
  • Executive Administrative Assistant - Assists the Executive Staff with all tasks related to maintaining corporate business filings and operations as needed. This position reports to the CEO.
  • Accounting/Bookkeeping Clerk (intern) - Complete and submit tax forms, returns and other government documents. Perform personal bookkeeping services. Compute deductions for income and social security taxes. Prepare purchase orders and expense reports. Check figures, postings, and documents for correct entry, mathematical accuracy, and proper codes. This position reports to the CEO/COO.


  • Graphic Designer/Illustrator - Description coming soon.
  • Digital Layout Specialist (intern) - Internship position for digital layout of existing weekly newspaper client. Experience with Quark Xpress preferred but not required. This position may result in a permanent position.


  • Webmaster - Maintain and administer all aspects of the company website as well as social media accounts. Suggest website design and functionality updates and changes. Experience with coding and html preferred.