Type: Writer/Producer/Performer
Style: R&B, Soul, Neo-Soul
Tools: Vocals & Violin
Label: Self Release
Official Website:
CD Releases:
Intimacy (November 2015)
In The Mind of AMEA (March 2015)
Baggage Claim (August 2016)


From the red clay of Oklahoma, to the Buckeye state, AMEA embodies her motto “Inspire, Love, Dream”. With A message so direct and powerful, AMEA focuses on writing and delivering messages to her audience that gives light to the inspiration of living a life of peace and pursuing dreams. With the pursuit to touch as many avenues as possible and spread optimism for self-appreciation, She is innovating the way we are socialized to think of love. 

AMEA showcases her diversity through production, engineering, writing, performing.

AMEA was born in Oklahoma, raised in Ohio and moved to Texas at age 16. Absorbing the various music styles, she grew up listening to multiple styles of artistry from D’Angelo to Maroon 5, and Pink to Fred Hammond. 

AMEA learned to test melodies and look at music as a tool to help people heal. Growing up among prolific authors, educators and artist, it seemed inevitable for this passion of artistry to burn within. Carefully crafting every word and melody, AMEA continues to pursue ways to grow as an artist and scholar to ensure her message will live on, including serving as a graduate teaching assistant of Sociology.